Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Report

Yeah, with Tyler's Spring Break last week, we didn't get a thing done.  It was a wonderful week of doing fun things, though.  I got a brand new double stroller that I've been wanting for years and we took it for a spin at Pinnacle Mountain.  We also went to the Tubes and the park and shopping.  It was a good week, but no "official" school got done, although all the outdoor and social time was very good for Lydia and Ellie.

And then this week was spent recovering from last week as I had neglected the dishes and laundry and general cleaning.  Luckily I'm caught up on all of those necessities, so we will be doing more schooley stuff soon.  I'm still planning on doing the file folder activity and I have all the materials I need, so I'll be posting that soon.  We did go to the Tubes and the park this week as well, so Lydia is certainly getting in the social time that she needs.   We also spent a lot of time playing Starfall and reading together.  We finished Nesbit's version of Merchant of Venice.  Although Lydia enjoys Starfall quite a bit, I think she has all the games that she is capable of doing memorized, so I'm going to be on the lookout for something on the computer that she can do to help her.  Funnix is pretty much over her head at this point, but she loves the "make a word" game on Starfall where you find the first letter of a word.

I didn't get much farther in Latin because I didn't do any last week during Spring Break and the chapter I'm on is tricky, so I'm working through it a little slowly.  I'm still going, though, and still loving it!  And I now have 74,677 energy points on Khan Academy and am finding that it is a nice review.  It was pretty embarrassing having my husband watch me and find out that I never learned my 6, 7, or 8 times tables.  And I was ashamed at how many tries it took me to complete Multiplication 3 without making a mistake on 10 problems in a row, but I did it!

Music Study is still going great.  Lydia asks to listen to "Baldi" several times a day, and we listen to Bob Dylan almost every day.  Because this is the last day of March, though, I'm working on our playlists for the next 3 months, but I'll have another post about that soon.

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