Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Report

We had a rather productive July, especially considering the many doctor appointments we had to attend. We also had a lot of fun as a family. Daddy had a rather laid back rotation for a resident.

Waiting for the fireworks on the 4th of July
Playing a board game for the first time without adult supervision
Dress Like a Cow Day!
One Saturday we went to Hanging Rock State Park. The girls really enjoyed hiking and playing in the water at the bottom of the waterfalls. 

Lydia lost her two front teeth this month!
The older two girls have been playing t-ball the last several weeks at our local YMCA. They've both learned a lot and this was really the first time they've participated in team sports. I think they have enjoyed themselves.

Lydia hitting a "swing pitch."
We've definitely stayed busy with extra-curriculars. As for school:

Lydia is on lesson 132 in CLE Math.  She doesn't love it, but she's doing well and progressing. Right now we're working more on attitude and dawdling than anything else, but even that is getting better.

Eleanor working on her Miquon lab sheet
Eleanor is rocking math lately. She actually cried a few days ago when I wouldn't do math with her. Every day we both pick a page for her to do in Miquon. Then she does a lesson in MEP. She is really starting to make connections and even absorb math facts. I see her making progress everyday. She is 39 pages (of 120) into Miquon Red and on lesson 30 (of 140) in MEP 1.

Lydia is reading 20 minutes a day from library books that I pick for her, usually related to our history readings. She also willingly read her first two chapter books on her own this month. Apparently she likes Cam Jensen mysteries.  She also reads a lot on her own in her own time and spends hours a day making her own books.

Eleanor is on Lesson 81 in OPGTR and progressing nicely. She is almost done with silent-e words and keeps trying to read things she sees around her.

Language Arts:
Lydia is on Step 12 in All About Spelling 2. It has been kind of fun because her spelling words are lining up nicely right now with what Eleanor is learning to read. Today, Eleanor sat down while I was giving Lydia her spelling phrases, and started trying to spell them too. She did a pretty good job, too, and only needed minimal hints.

Lydia doing some of her spelling in the iPad
In writing, Lydia is on week 30. For most of the program this year she has struggled with the narration part, where I read her a passage and she answers simple questions. The last few times, though, I've had her read along with me rather than just to her, and she has been much better. Hopefully this keeps working. She's also loving analyzing the sentences from her copywork, so much so that she wants to analyse the extra sentence that I don't even make her do. Thanks to the FLL grammar CD I bought them (and we listen to in the car), she's become a wiz at finding articles, different types of verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions, on top of the nouns, pronouns, and verbs she has learned in grammar so far. I think this kid will like diagramming when we get there in grammar next year. She's on lesson 119 in FLL 1/2 (out of 200). 

Lydia enjoys her geography page that she does on a daily basis and is already almost halfway through the book I bought for the year. In history, we have done through chapter 4 in Story of the World, which has mostly covered nomadic people and the early Egyptians, including mummies and and pyramids. The girls have been enjoying it a lot, especially Eleanor and Adelaide. We usually do a coloring sheet from the Activity Book or the girls draw what I'm reading about.

Lydia writing her name in cuneiform on a "clay tablet"

Eleanor also writing her name in "clay"

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