Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Report

I'm not sure what month of school this is, but since I'm trying to be good about blogging again, I thought I'd do a report for the month!

May was an eventful month for us, mostly in the form of news. Tyler took and found out he passed his Step 3 exam. This means that he is now a licensed physician! He still has to finish residency (2 more year) and then hopefully a fellowship (3 more years) and pass the boards for both of those, but it is still a major accomplishment.

We also found out some health news about Lydia that will affect her for the rest of her life and is a big deal, although nothing life-threatening. We will be in and out of doctors offices for the next few months as they do a bunch of tests related to it. This diagnoses has been difficult for all of us to deal with, but we're doing ok. If you are family or friends and want more information, send me a message and I'll tell you about it.

In other news, we bought a small above-ground pool on a whim. A goal I had for the summer was to get my girls more comfortable in the water and hopefully teach the older 2 how to swim. This was a tall order for 3 little girls that spend their pool time sitting on the stairs. When I saw this pool online, I knew it would be perfect for us. In fact, the older two girls are swimming in it right now.

This month was an awesome school month. We got a lot done and the girls worked hard.

Lydia is almost finished with Light Unit 106 (she finished 101-105 and there are 10 altogether in her level). She has been doing a great job on her tests and quizzes and is learning her math facts very well.

Eleanor started MEP 1 and is doing well with it. It has things that are very easy for her and things that are quite challenging for her. One question that challenged her was a picture of 6 sailboats with a flag, sail, and hull. She was told to color them yellow, red, and blue, but not to make any of them exactly the same.The lessons so far have been very short, so she is still working her way through Miquon Orange. She has been working on simple multiplication and fractions in Miquon and doing a great job.

Lydia has been really into Clifford lately and we've checked out almost all of the Clifford books the library has. She reads them during school time but she can often be found reading them throughout the day. On a friend's recommendation, I also got her Princess in Black which is technically a chapter book but has very large print and pictures on every page. She read it in a day. I'm finding that the "leaving books laying around the house" method is working pretty well for her. She is also reading from the Treadwell reader a few times a week so I can check up on her and catch any reading mistakes she might be making.

Eleanor is halfway through lesson 61 in OPGTR. It takes her 2 or 3 days to get through a lesson, mostly because she still has to sound out every word, but she's getting there. She also likes to read the BOB books and Nora Gaydos readers we have in her spare time.

Everything Else:
Everything else is mostly do the next thing and we continue to power through.

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  1. I haven't visited your blog in awhile so I was glad to catch up on all your news.

    Congratulations to Tyler!

    I loved the Martha Speaks story. Poor Skits. You've got a real creative thinker on your hands there. Creative kids are wonderful but they do take a lot of mom's time.

    My best wishes on whatever is going on with Lydia. She is lucky to have a devoted mom like you to help her through.

    That pool looks awesome! You guys are going to have a great summer with that in the backyard.