Thursday, May 28, 2015

Martha Wins a Race

Lately, Lydia has been making lots of little illustrated books and having me staple them together. Most of them are based off characters she knows, although she does have a few original characters that are regulars in her stories as well. After listening to the Brave Writer podcast, I knew the Brave Writer style of teaching writing wasn't for me, but there was one suggestion I liked for Lydia's age. They say it is good to scribe the children's stories for them. It helps make writing seem more fun, and it helps them "write" much more complicated stories than they might be able to with their limited penmanship skills.

I decided to record one of Lydia's stories today and then I typed it up. Lydia was absolutely thrilled about this entire process and wants me to do it for all her other stories (which I'm not sure I can because she makes up like 3 or 4 a day!) This story is based on Martha the dog from Martha speaks. Martha's character in the show ate a bowl of alphabet soup, so now she can talk and go on lots of adventures.

Martha Wins a Race
by Lydia

We have lots of adventures together. I have lots of adventures with my speaking dog Martha. I took Martha for a walk one day, but today Martha said, “Let’s Go!” and I attached her leash. She ate her alphabet soup and we were ready to go. “I’m going to win,” she said, so we came to a contest with dogs.

Skits raced against a dog named Martha. The dogs were competing in pairs. The zig-zagging trick was first. The dogs had to zig-zag through the flags during it. Martha was good at that trick. “Go Martha! Go Martha!” I cheered. She was really fast, but for the next trick the dogs had to go over a ramp and through a tunnel. It was Skits’ turn now. Skits was fast too, but he didn’t do that trick right. Martha got ten points. Skits got four.

The next trick was easy for Martha, but not for Skits. The flying saucer trick was next. The dogs had to chase the saucer and jump high to catch it. But Martha was good at that trick, too. “Yay Martha!” I screamed. Skits was not good at that trick. Ten more points for Martha, but Skits had one more chance.

That trick looked the hardest of all. The dogs had to go down that slide and make a big splash, but Skits knew he could do this one. But the contest wasn’t over yet. The end result was that Skits did not win the contest. Martha did. “I won!” she said when she grabbed her award. The award was a trophy with no handles. She was a super dog now. Skits did not win the contest, but he’d always been a dog champion.

~The End~

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