Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly Report: Week 27

I'm posting our weekly report a day early because tomorrow is going to be a busy, school-free day.

Lydia continues to do great with reading.  We are now on Lesson 59 in OPGTR, and this week she's learned all about voiced (as in 'them') and unvoiced (as in 'thing') "th".  We continue to do lessons on the white board for now and it is going well.

Handwriting is also going well.  This week she got through the capital "G" in Handwriting Without Tears.  I wish this preK book had more practice with each letter, but for now I just make her do each page with two or three different crayon colors, starting with lighter colors and ending with darker colors.

HWT "G" PreK page, completed.

Eleanor has been enjoying her "handwriting" lessons too.  We've been working on correct pencil grip and just general control.  I printed off several copies of a Scholastic fine motor skills ebook I own. She does about three or four of these pages every day and she is definitely getting better at staying in the lines.

We are continuing with subtraction, and will be doing so for a while.  This week, Lydia finished through page 81 in Essential Math B.

Lydia finished John 14:15.  It was a very short one and took her only a few days to have down solid.  She then started Mosiah 2:17, which is much longer and should take us a week or two.  I am amazed that she is almost done with my memorization list!  She's retaining it all so well, too.

While re-reading The Well-Trained Mind, I was inspired to start having the girls listen to more audio books and watch less television.  I try to not have them watch too much television, but it so easy to use it as an electronic babysitter.  So lately, during Lydia's quiet time, she's been listening to The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle through the Librivox app on our Roku.  She seems to be enjoying it and has almost completed it.  I've also been having the girls listen to the Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book on Librivox and we're about halfway through.  I have especially been enjoying the Blue Fairy Book and hearing versions of fairy tales that I barely remember from my childhood.  East of the Sun, West of the Moon is one that particularly struck a chord with me.  It was like deja vu hearing that story and I'm sure at some point when I was very young, I must have heard it before.

I thought I'd finish my Weekly Report with my favorite picture that Lydia ever drew:

She told me that it is a picture of her eating a pickle.  I don't know what I love most, the pickle itself, the expression on her face, or her unique pigtails.  Anyways, I was totally charmed by it.

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  1. The Arabic alphabet actually has two different letters to represent the different 'th' sounds. It was definitely weird to start distinguishing between the two, but it's much more precise once you're used to it. So...there you go.