Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Report: Week 13

Our family had a great weekend and enjoyed the last of the beautiful weather.  It still isn't too bad out, but it was great last weekend.  Our week has been uneventful, but we did do school every day except for Wednesday.  Oh, and Adelaide is officially crawling.  She is still very inefficient at it, but it is there.  I'm sure she'll get better in the next few weeks, too. 

We started EM back up.  This week has been mostly focused on counting to 20, which is something Lydia has no problem with thanks to Tally Tots. Even Eleanor has almost got it down thanks to that fun little app.  Mostly I've been using this time to try to introduce the idea of place value, which will take a lot more time, I think.  Anyways, Lydia finished p.25-27 in EM and did a few pages of Miquon.  She almost has counting to 100 down, but it is going to take some more practice, I think.

Coloring her math book.
Lyddie is halfway through Lesson 48 in OPGTR.  She is doing so well.  I am really excited about her progress.  She continues to get faster and to understand more and more blending concepts.  A few more lessons and we'll be into digraphs!  She has yet to read spontaneously, but she's doing well in our lessons, so I don't mind. It will come, I'm sure.  She still wants me to tickle her at the end of every sentence, which seems to be fairly motivating.  It has the side effect of helping her recognize when a sentence is done, too, so I'm not complaining!

We started Handwriting Without Tears this week.  I bought the preschool teacher's manual and workbook because her fine motor skills are about a year behind where they should be.  So far she's loving it, even though we haven't even done any writing yet.  This week we worked on getting her familiar with the 4 different shapes that make up every capitol letter as well as the words "vertical," "horizontal," and "diagonal." 

HWT has wooden shapes you can buy, but I didn't think it was worth $30 for them, so I made my own from the template in the book.  It took me over an hour to cut them all out of cardstock and then laminate them, but they turned out pretty well, I think.  The 4 shapes that HWT teaches to make capitol letters are big curve, little curve, and big line, little line.  I made 6-8 of each, and Lydia has enjoyed playing with them to make letters on her own.

Lydia likes it if I help her spell her name.

We also have a chalk slate that I'll break out later, but this week was mostly just getting familiar with the shapes and learning about correct pencil grip.

Lydia finished "At the Seaside" and we started Proverbs 3:5-8.  She is amazing.  She's going to be almost done with what I planned for the whole year by Christmas.  I'm going to have to sit down and come up with some more for her to do.  She really loves doing memorization and we do it almost every day, even when we don't do the other subjects.  I usually quiz her on it while I make lunch and she acts very proud of herself when she gets them right.  Here's the list of we've done so far.

Watching big sister work on school.
That's our week.  We'll probably do an abbreviated week next week because Daddy won't have school on Thursday and Friday.  I expect Monday-Wednesday to be business as usual, though.

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