Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Report: Week 12.5

We had another week of school that had less school than I would have liked, so we'll call it week 12.5.  We only did two days of school.  I just couldn't get my act together.  Oh well.  We had a fun week though.  We went to the lake to go see the last of the fall leaves and the girls enjoyed throwing sticks and rocks into the water.  We also went to Grandma's house and then went "exploring" (a walk in a forest.  Lydia insisted that we were exploring).  On our "exploration," we saw a caterpillar and looked it it for a little while.  Lydia now knows that butterflies come from caterpillars, so we'll call that science. Our weather has been in the high 60s/ low 70s this week, so we've been trying to enjoy it while it holds.

Eleanor at the lake.  Notice Lydia's rock hitting the water

Not Adelaide's best picture, but she had fun at the lake too.

For math, Lydia worked on a few Miquon sheets.  Like I mentioned last week, we're sticking with Miquon only for a little while.  We'll come back to Essential Math in a few weeks.  She also read some.  And Lydia is coming along well with "At the Seaside."  Another week or so and she'll have it down.

I've read most of the instructor manual for Handwriting Without Tears and I'm busy acquiring all the little odds and ends needed to get going on it (chalk, etc.)  We'll officially start it next week.

And that's it for this week!

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