Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Report: Weeks 19-21

Well, I haven't been great about posting my Weekly Report the last few weeks.  Oh well.  They've been a good few weeks though.  Since it has been a while, I won't detail exactly what we've done.  I'll just go over a more broad idea.

I've decided to take a short break from our current curricula and just focus on concepts and practice that way.  I've been making especially good use of the wonderful Cuisenaire Rod videos on Education Unboxed.  After a day or two of working on the place value activity, Lydia is well on her way to having a simple understanding of place value!  I think we'll keep taking a break for another week or two, working on mostly addition-related concepts.

Lydia continues to amaze me in her progress.  We've officially entered digraphs (Lesson 54 in OPGTR)!  Specifically Lydia is mastering "ng" endings, including "ing", "ong", etc.  I love hearing her read.

Lydia almost has Amos 3:7.  We've also started adding in countries to her mapwork.  So far, we've added China, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Egypt, and France.  Eleanor, especially, has been enjoying this part.  Any time any of those countries get mentioned in her movies, Story of the World, or anywhere else, she gets excited.  China is a favorite of hers.  "Mulan in China like Story of the World," she tells me.

Lydia's handwriting is coming along.  She still has a long way to go, but it is quickly becoming one of her favorite subjects.  Most days we will make letters with the shapes and then make those same letters on her chalk slate.  Then we'll do a page out of her workbook.  Right now we are focusing on the letters of her name, and "y" in particular is giving her trouble.  Yesterday she did it correctly all by herself the first time, though!

That's our last few weeks.  We're still trucking and are enjoying preschool quite a bit!

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