Monday, June 30, 2014

Month 1 Review

Since we have officially been at this school year for one month now, I've decided to do an academic review of where we are, mostly for my own purposes so I can see if we need to speed up or slow down different subjects.  I'm mostly only doing this for Lydia as I don't have any substantial goals for Eleanor this year except to be deliberately heading towards reading.

Lydia has completed 13 lessons in Saxon.  There are 130 lessons total, so she's 1/10 of the way through.  Since we are schooling year round, that is about spot on for where we should be.  Saxon is also going really well, so I'm not going to mess with math.

Lydia is on lesson 194 in Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (out of 231).  She did reading lessons 10 days this month.  At this rate, she will finish in a few months, which is just fine.

She also did "formal" extra reading with me on 12 days.  She reads a lot on her own, though, so I'm not exactly sure how much she read, but it was lots!

Oh, and I did a read aloud 7 days, which is actually pretty good for me.  Read alouds have been a weak area for me for a while, so while I'd like to do better, I'm still pretty pleased at how well we did.  This isn't counting family scripture study and the story that Dad reads every night too.

Eleanor did reading lessons 12 days in June.  She is finished through Unit 3 in the Hooked on Phonics App (out of 12).  She is starting to catch on to blending and I think that when she finishes the app, she'll be very ready to start OPGTR.

Lydia did 11 days of writing and has finished through week 3 in Writing With Ease.  There are 36 weeks, so she is exactly 1/12 of the way through.  We should probably kick it up a notch, but we aren't behind yet!  WWE is going very well and I can definitely see it working on areas that Lydia has weaknesses with, so it is very good for her.

Lydia did 11 days of grammar too.  There are 100 lessons for this year, so we are well on track.  Many reviews have complained that it is too redundant, but Lydia is both needing and enjoying that redundancy, so it is a good fit for her so far.

We did spelling 10 days this month.  Lydia has almost finished lesson 20 in All About Spelling.  We are really taking our time, but she is doing well.  This is one area that I'd really like to do more regularly.

Science was done 3 days this month.  I didn't even start until halfway through the month so that is pretty decent since I don't consider it an every day subject.  The girls are really loving working on their MyBodies and the lapbooks so I think I might try to do more of this next month too.

Overall, this was a pretty decent month.  There's room for improvement but I'm not behind yet!

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