Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Report: Days 76-80

It has been a cold, cold week and for the most part we spent the week hunkered down in our house staying warm.  I've been thinking a lot about next year, but I won't talk about that now.  I'm sure I'll talk about it plenty when we get closer.

In their blanket fort in their room.
We've now officially transitioned to reading her lessons straight out the book.  No more iPad or computer screen for Lydia!  She's doing a great job. She has finished through lesson 146 and is still working on silent letters.  She's also working on her Book-It goal for February which is 10 books.  She's well on her way.

I've been giving Lydia's math future a lot of thought.  I've been feeling like she's not really progressing for a while and I've been wondering where to go from here.  After tons of though I've decided to start drilling her math facts.  I wasn't planning on doing that this early, but as we do all of her math, she doesn't seem to be picking up on the patterns in math and it feels like all of the discovery activities we are doing are wasting her time.  I'm thinking that if she memorizes her math facts first and then we do the discovery activities, she'll learn a lot more.  This is not an approach I would take with most kids, I think, but for Lydia's unique learning style, I think it will work very well.  Here's hoping.

That said, I've started her on addition with zeros and ones first while she continues to work on patterns with her therapist.

Both girls are still loving LLTL.  We learned about capitalizing and writing the titles "Mr." and "Mrs."  I also discovered that there are some really cute Beatrix Potter videos on YouTube, so after we read the stories and do the copywork, I'm letting the girls watch the related video and they are loving them.
Lydia also wrote a thank you note for a gift.  I walked her through what to say and then wrote it out for her on a different page.  She copied it and then drew a picture.

Lydia finished Lesson 15 in AAS and will start Lesson 16 next week.

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