Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Report: Days 51-55

With Lydia's new therapy getting started and Christmas, complete with Tyler's interviews and a trip to Grandma's house, we had a busy December.  We really didn't do much school, but we are back to the grind now and did a full week this week!  But first, here are some pictures from Christmas. Thanks to my sister for taking most of these.
Christmas morning in their Christmas pj's, wings, and crowns.

Great Grandma reading Lydia and Adelaide (and Brodi) a story.

Lydia playing with cousin Sam's tee-ball set

Eleanor got lots of dress-up stuff for Christmas

Grandpa reading all the girls and Aunt Hannah a story

Eleanor got a manicure

Lydia got through lesson 126 in OPGTR.  I forgot to mention that she read her 5 books in December for her Book-it goal as well.  5 was a little easy, but I knew it was going to be a short month school-wise, so I didn't up it.  This month she has a goal of 8 books and has already completed two, so I think she'll make it again.  We've started just picking out books from the beginning reader section at the library for her to complete it and that is going well.  For December she read Happy Birthday, Thomas!, Summertime in the Big Woods, Thomas and the School Trip, Mother Bear's Robin (Little Bear), and Wintertime in the Big Woods.

I've been mostly staying away from curricula for a few weeks and don't plan on going back much for a little bit.  Right now I'm working on Education Unboxed video suggestions but mostly I'm focusing on getting her to be able to count-on and count-back, with a goal of being able to count-on a specific number of times. Once she gets this concept, I think I'll be ready to start letting her memorize math facts and maybe get back to the curricula.

Lydia is only a few letters away from finishing learning how to write lowercase letters.  Once she does that, we'll be moving to copywork while she learns how to write her numbers.  Spelling is going well and there is a lot of cross-over between spelling and handwriting, but not much else to say except we are moving forward with it.

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