Friday, August 2, 2013

End of Lydia's PreK Year Review

We start a new school year on Monday, so I thought that I would review how far Lydia has come this year.  This is mostly for myself, so I don't intend for many other people to all be interested in this information.  However, if you are or if you think it would help you, read on!

Lydia completed 40 weeks of school, counting 3 days of work as a week, so approximately 120 days of school.  In that time, I really saw her progress a lot.  For example, she went from not grasping the concept of bigger/smaller to using it to describe things to me.

All the books she finished completely this year

July: "Right now she knows and recognizes all the letters and their sounds.  She can occasionally tell me the first letter of a word when she hears it.  She can also spell her name using magnet letters without any help."

October: "She can read all cvc words.  She can also read several short vowel 4-letter words.  Mostly these are ones that end with double letters, like "mall," but also words that end in -ck.  She's still fairly slow at reading, but she is definitely improving and progressing.  We haven't worked at spelling at all."

January: "She can read most short vowel 5 letter words as well as most two-letter blends, like "bl" or "st".  She still needs some practice with these to solidify them, though."

July: She can read all the blends and digraphs that have been brought up in OPGTR so far, including "th," "sh," among others and she can blend very confidently.  She can also read simple silent "e" words and words that only have e at the end (like he and she).  She has completed through Lesson 73 of OPGTR.  For Spelling, she has started All About Spelling Level 1 and has completed the first 6 steps, which means that she can spell most cvc words, although she is still practicing with them.

Pages she completed in Miquon
July: " She can currently count to 20 without help and recognize numbers 1-12 when written.  She can mostly count small numbers of objects (10 or less) and tell me how many of something there is, but sometimes double counts things or guesses."

October: "She can count to 30 without help and recognize numbers 1-30 when written.  She can count objects with accuracy if she takes the time.  She understands the concepts of smaller/larger, same/different.  She is struggling with the concept of more/less."

January: She can count to 100 with help.  She has a basic grasp on more/less and can do some simple addition with help or c-rods.

July: She can do all addition/subtraction within 10 with manipulatives and can usually do it within 20 with manipulatives.  She understands the concept of "0".  She knows all the important shapes, colors, etc.  She understands place value through 10s and can tell you that 15 is made up of 10 and 5.  She finished all of Essential Math A, 2/3 of Essential Math B, about 40 pages of Miquon Orange/Red, and is on Lesson 2 of Math Mammoth 1A.

She finished Handwriting Without Tears PreK and is halfway through HWT Kindergarten.  She can form all of her uppercase letters with ease and legibility, although writing on a line is still difficult and she often writes the letters with incorrect strokes. 

Lydia blew me away with her memorization abilities this year.  She memorized 10 religious selections, 7 poems, and 7 facts and lists.  She also started memorizing her timeline of the world.

All told, it was a very successful year!

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