Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Report: Week 31

This has been a big week for hitting school milestones, which I'll talk more about by subject below.  We also went to our first Little Sprouts meeting at the Botanical Garden.  The girls had fun and we learned all about rainbows.  Lydia got mad when I called it was a class or playing with friends, but she decided "Eleanor's show" was something worth looking forward to next week.

Eleanor making her rainbow.

Lydia's rainbow.

Ellie's completed rainbow. (or "kite", as they wanted to call them)
Lydia on the bridge to the big tree at the Botanical Garden.
Ellie on the same bridge.

We started Section 7 in OPGTR!  I've mentioned before, but my original goal for the year was to get through cvc words.  Then my new goal was to get through Section 6.  So the fact that she is starting section 7 is amazing.  She is really doing well starting the silent "e" words.  I don't anticipate any problem going forward.  I was a little worried that it might be too complicated for her right now, but so far she is still impressing me.  She's such a smart girl and I am very proud of her.

She also finished listening to The Wind in the Willows and started listening to Black Beauty.

We did a bunch of word problems this week and are now working on comparing sums and deciding which is larger.  She got through page 97 in Essential Math A.

She finished learning her capital letters!  We started on numbers and she finished learning through 2.  I imagine she'll finish the Handwriting Without Tears PreK book soon.

We started All About Spelling level 1 this week.  I wasn't going to do spelling so early in her education.  I was thinking we'd start it around grade 1. But she's been trying to spell words and AAS is really appropriate for her so I thought, why not?  I'm loving it so far and I think it will be very effective for her.  I'll talk about the program more in depth once we've spent more time using it.

Lydia learned my phone number and almost has D&C 82:10 down.  Which means that she has not only finished the original memorization list I created for her at the beginning of the year, but almost the modified list too!  I was concerned the original list would be too much, but now I'm scrambling to come up with more for her!

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