Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Report: Week 23

We have some pretty major changes coming up in our routine.  Lydia recently qualified for a program that will provide fairly intense therapy for her at home.  Between this new therapy, the ones she's already doing, and what the program will require me to do with her, she will be doing about 52 hours of therapy a week.  I'm not sure how this will affect her academic studies, although I'd like to keep them going if possible.  We were told that her program will start sometime in April, so we still have a few weeks before things go crazy.

As for this week, we did a solid three days of work.  She is coming along well in all her subjects.  Her new geography app is really teaching her a lot of countries.  Last I counted, she can identify at least 20 different countries on the map by name and is learning more every day.  It is really fun walking down the grocery store aisle and having your 4 year old point to Italy on the spaghetti sauce jar and tell you that Italy is in Europe.

We finished up addition in Essential Math!  We'll start subtraction this up coming week.

We finished lesson 54 in OPGTR and started on "sh" words.  She seems to be catching on pretty quickly, so we'll probably move on some time this week.

Lydia finished Amos 3:7 and has started on "The Rainbow."

We're moving along nicely, but lately Eleanor has felt the need to "do hanwhiting" and "math" too, so I think I might start printing off some simple worksheets for her to do so she feels like she's not left behind.

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