Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Review: Week 17

As this was our first week back after our long Christmas break, it took us a bit to get back into the swing of things.  We ended up doing three days of good school work.  For some reason, Lydia didn't want to do school the other days, which is unusual for her, but I decided before we started this year that I wouldn't push her past what she wanted to do.  At her age, I still consider school optional.  I think she'll be excited to work this week though.

Doing a dinosaur puzzle they got for Christmas

Lydia did 3 pages in Essential Math B and a page of Miquon.  The pages in EM-B were focused on "making" numbers.  Lydia had to try to find several combinations that all equaled 7, for example.  The Miquon page was just a page of simple addition problems. 

Lydia continued to review using ReadingBear.  I think we are about ready to start back up and move on to some new material, but we'll spend just a few more days working on consonant blends that come at the beginning of words.  These continue to trip her up, although she is getting better.

We also did several days with read alouds.  Lydia chose to begin with Winnie the Pooh, which is also a favorite of Ellie.  Both girls are big fans of the movies, so they enjoyed listening to the books.

Lydia finished Proverbs 3:5-6.  This week she'll start "Who Has Seen the Wind."  She tends to enjoy memorizing poetry more than other subjects.

Eating lunch while doing memorization and wearing her favorite hat.
I discovered something funny this week.  Apparently, Eleanor has been learning most of Lydia's memorization too.  We usually go over it as I'm getting lunch ready, and on our first day back after a few weeks, Lydia needed a bit of promting.  Ellie was able to fill in all the parts when I promted Lydia.  So although she can't recite any of it, if you ask her who wrote "Falling Star," she'll tell you Sara Teasdale. When doing "At the Seaside," if you say, "My wholes were empty..." she'll tell you, "like a cup!"  I tried asking her pieces from all of our memorization things and she could answer them all.  Little scamp.

We started learning the names for our new art this week.  These are tricky because they are Dutch and I'm having a hard time pronouncing them for the girls, but the paintings are fun.  They have all sorts of things that the girls like in them, like boats and waterfalls and little girls with their moms.  Ellie decided that one of the paintings is Lydia and me, and the other is Ellie and me. 

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