Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Report: Week 15

This report is a little late, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot what we did.  We had a full week, and aside from a doctor appointment that took all afternoon on Friday and Adelaide's suffering from teething, our week was pretty much the same as usual.

Lydia is solidly into addition within 10 right now.  She seems to have a very basic understanding of what is going on, so she's continuing to work in both EM (pages 40-47) and Miquon focusing on it.  She can do an addition problem by herself using c-rods.  She's really loving math right now.

She's been struggling with beginning blends and words that end with "s", so I've decided to pause and spend the next while on reviewing and solidifying what she's learned up until now.  This is a good point to pause because she's almost done with all her basic blending skills and I don't want anything to get in her way when things start getting more complicated.  We're using a combination of iPad apps and Reading Bear to accomplish this right now, although we might go back and re-read some sections of OPGTR.  I think I won't worry about progressing forward until after Christmas though.

We have also started a family read aloud (Daddy included!).  A few times since we got married, Tyler and I have read A Christmas Carol together around Christmas time.  This year we wanted to include the girls, so we bought this version with beautiful illustrations and are reading it in place of a bed time story nightly.  Lydia seems to like it and asks if we are going to read "Scrooge" again, so it is a success so far.

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