Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Report: Week 10

We went out of town last weekend to attend Tyler's little brother's wedding.  As a result, we decided to go ahead and take off the whole week.  It was a fun trip, and especially fun because Tyler rarely gets to go with us on trips because of his schedule.  Lydia loved everything about it.  She was very excited about every aspect of the airport, from the airplanes to the escalator.

The girls had matching dresses for the wedding and looked adorable.

And Lydia loves to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday mornings on TV, and she loved being able to see the Tabernacle in person.

So while it was a ton of work and quite exhausting, it was a fun weekend.

In other news, Lydia finally got to take off her splint.  The doctor's appointment was pretty fun too, because Tyler got to be her doctor!  We happened to have an appointment on the one afternoon he does family medicine rotations, and his doctor was assigned to us.  This was a great thing because Lydia is very nervous about doctors.  So although the doctor Tyler was assigned to had to check her after Tyler was done, Daddy did a bulk of the work.

As for school, we had a slow start after our trip.  We didn't do any school on Monday or Tuesday, but have gotten back into the swing of things since Wednesday.

We did pages 4-8 in Essential Math A and a page of Miquon.  Lydia is still struggling a bit with less and more, but is getting better, so I'm moving on and just continuing to review the concept every day.  We also continue to count to 100 with the abacus most days, as well as counting by 10s to 100.  She still needs a fair amount of help, but she's improving.

Still reading through the readers.  She is almost done doing all the reading through Lesson 40 in OPGTR (should finish tomorrow), although concept-wise, she has pretty much finished through lesson 48 or 50, though she still needs lots and lots of practice and solidifying.

 I've been horrible about read alouds.  Besides scripture study and Daddy's night time story, I haven't been reading much to them.  So this week I decided to read them The Hobbit.  It should take a while, but I wanted to reread it before the movie comes out, so I'm motivated.  They still don't get a whole lot out of chapter book read alouds, but I do want to make it a habit.

She's finished the 3rd Article of Faith and is now working on memorizing her part for the Primary Program at the end of October.  She'll have to say this part in front of the whole church, so I want her to have it down to give her the best chance at success.  The part she is memorizing is, "Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me. My favorite story about Jesus is when he helped Peter walk on the water."

Harvest Time:
We are going to do our activity tomorrow as a family.  There is a place nearby with a corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, etc.  We've been reading about autumn leaves and The Leaf Man especially has been a hit.  I don't even think that this book is part of the curriculum.  I just picked it up because it fit in the theme of leaves.

Same as usual.  Calendar, art, music, and pages 21-23 in Color, Count, and Cut.

And that was our lighter school week! 

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