Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our "School Room"

Now that I have everything I wanted for our learning area, I thought I'd post pictures of our "school room."  It's not a room unto itself, just our dining room.  I wanted to be able to not feel like we're living in a school, so all the things on the walls are not visible from the living room sitting area, which is awesome.

This is our art study wall.  We're doing Renoir this term, via Ambleside Online.  The prints were files that they have and I am allowed to use because of fair use.  I had them printed on cardstock at Office Max for a few dollars.

On the opposite wall is a world map, because Lydia is learning the continents, oceans, and compass rose this year.

 The calendar we use for calendar time daily is on the other side of the doorway.

 This shelf (which is on the back of the wall with the calendar) holds all my curriculum and supplies and the drawers underneath holds all my paper and most of my math manipulatives.  It's the only part of our schooling that is in the living room. You can see the art appreciation wall off to the left side a little bit.

So there it is.  Nothing special, but it works for us!

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