Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starting Up Again

Since my last post, we've had numerous changes with our family.  We've added a member (Adelaide), we moved, Lydia started and stopped preschool, and we finally received a diagnoses for her that should help us understand her more.

Now that we're starting to get settled in our new house, I've been thinking ahead.  Lydia turns 4 in a few months and I'd really like to begin to help her learn to read and work on math skills.  I have already begun to compile many resources to help with that and will be making posts in the future about my plans.

One of the challenges with Lydia is that I have no idea how fast she'll be able to progress and what types of resources will work for her.  As a result, I've been researching and acquiring many more programs and resources than I could ever use.  We'll take what works from them and leave what doesn't, but know that I have no intention of completing every program I talk about.

I look forward to blogging about our plans, our successes, and our flops!

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